roof leaks repair in dallas texas
27 Jul 2017

Why re-roof, when you can repair?

Why re-roof, when you can repair?

Re-roofing is the easiest fix a roofing company can perform. Sometimes it’s not very cost effective to the building’s owner but it’s less liability for the roofing company. That is the reason that most roofing companies try to push to you to get a new roof. Martin Commercial Roofing has a different philosophy. We want you to get the most from your roof, which carries over to our methods helping you chose the right roofing system, when a roof really does need to be replaced. We believe that the best system for the building and the right materials will give you the longest lasting roof available. Martin Commercial Roofing has a team of commercial roofing professionals dedicated to repairing and maintaining your roof.

Our service technicians are veteran commercial roofers with decades of real world experience, and thousands of roofs under their belts. Water intrusion is a tricky business and it’s also the main reason that most roofing companies would rather replace your roof than take the risk of finding and repairing it. Water intrusion investigation can be easy, when you have “seen it all”, and that’s where veteran experience cannot be substituted for cheap labor. Water intrusion paths are only one problem. Proper insulation and condensation factors are a huge component to the commercial roofing equation. If the insulation over the roof deck is not sufficient, and air temperatures are extremely cold inside a building the roof can sweat, giving the appearance that there is roof leak.

The North Texas area weather is some of the most treacherous in the country for roofs, with the extreme heat, violent winds, and massive hail storms. That is why the roofing industry in this area is saturated with “fly by night companies” that call themselves roofers. Companies that don’t have the ethics it takes to cover your roof when a warranty is called into play or the next major storm hits. Martin Commercial Roofing will be here to perform regular maintenance on your roof to keep your warranty intact and protect your vital assets below deck.

The value of regular roof maintenance should be vital to your operations expense budget, so you are protected from unnecessary capital expenditures like roof replacement. Most sealants around points of penetration have a short life span and need to be cleaned and reapplied regularly. Waterways can easily become clogged with debris. Maintenance people, signage companies, HVAC people, and any other contractors tromping around on your roof with their tools can cause damage. High winds can break stacks and pullback sheathing, exposing your decking to rain. They can also lift heavy debris to rip across membranes or crash into intake panels or skylights. Your roof is a war zone. Once the damage starts and the rot sets in it’s only a matter of time, before your protective barrier is destroyed and the cost of total roof replacement is a necessity. A simple routine maintenance visit could save you thousands or more. Call Martin Commercial Roofing today and schedule a FREE same day roofing inspection. Same day inspection must be made before noon or they will be made the following business day. Let our team of professionals examine your roof and give you a detailed report of the status and what we can do for your business.